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The Shadow Whose Prey The Hunter Becomes

The title of this play alone takes you on a journey. The phrase is from a quote by French psychoanalyst, Jacques Lacan, in which he is describing the egocentric pursuit of elusive things. It’s a perplexing sentence that perfectly represents the play, says artistic director, Bruce Gladwin.  “It’s a story in itself, and it’s a […]


It’s surreal, yet somehow unsurprising, that a 2012 Helpmann Award-winning play about the Hindu god Ganesh travelling through Nazi Germany to reclaim the swastika was conceived and performed by the Back to Back Theatre from Geelong, Victoria. Ganesh Versus the Third Reich, a heart-warming yet disarming play about life’s difficulties and overcoming obstacles, will make […]


It may be titled Super Discount, but Back to Back Theatre’s inventive new production plans to deliver a first-rate comic experience as it premieres this month. The convention-breaking ensemble, which has been working with actors with perceived disabilities for 25 years, is teaming up with Sydney Theatre Company and Malthouse Theatre to challenge audiences to […]