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Australia’s foreign aid – Budgeting for a moral deficit?

The new asylum seeker policy has received a torrent of bad press and public condemnation, raising several eyebrows and a number of humanitarian concerns. One of the most publicised of these being the cuts to and allocation of Australia’s foreign aid budget. The issue of foreign aid is one that tends to divide a crowd. […]

We’re just past halfway! Are you prepared to enter the polling booth?

We’re just past the halfway line in this crazy election campaign! Are you prepared to enter the polling booth and make your vote count? electionWIRE has put together some handy resources to get you in the know! The political system and you – via #electionWIRE  The fastest (and funniest) look into the Australian political system […]

No room for young Australians in the housing market?

Housing affordability was recently voted as one of the most important issues to young voters in a study by the Australia Institute. But just why are young people are being locked out of the housing market. Gavin Fernando reports for electionWIRE . What do you think about housing prospects for young people?  Are we just being […]

Forget ‘notegate’. What did our leaders actually say in today’s debate? Here’s a quick rundown

We won’t waste your time giving a second-by-second rundown of the awkward handshake or speculating on the ‘notegate’ scandal. Instead, here’s ‪#‎electionWIRE‬‘s cheatsheet on all the key policy promises made in last nights debate. Opening statement Rudd: reflects on achievements of Labor government (paid parental leave, the end of WorkChoices, DisabilityCare). Rudd talks about moving Australia […]

Into the Wilderness Inc.?

Name-calling, in-fighting and brinkmanship are nothing new to environmental activism, but now they have brought an iconic Australian to a perilous fork in the road. At stake for The Wilderness Society are annual revenues of $15 million, the jobs of 150 staff, the support of nearly 50,000 members, and its very identity. TWS Inc is […]

Canberra’s Greenwash proves Abbott-forming.

It’s enough to make you clasp your skull to stop your head exploding. Kevin Rudd, elected with an environmental mandate on climate action, whaling, and the Murray-Darling, doesn’t seem to have done anything on any of them - apart from shredding the Garnaut Report, ignoring the drought, and waiting six days to gauge public response […]