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Australian film ‘Disclosure’ is powerful & captivating

This Aussie flick concerns child abuse of an extraordinary nature and highlights that powerful and captivating films can be produced on a shoestring budget. The premise is absorbing. What would you do if your children told you they were subject to some kind of abuse? Would you act upon the alleged abuse or believe that […]

June Again

With dementia themed films Father and Supernova doing good business in cinemas, Australian dramedy June Again is set for release and should prove to be popular viewing for all audiences. Noni Hazlehurst shines as June, an elderly woman who had a stroke which led to vascular dementia. After five years in a nursing home, she […]

The Flood

Not since The Chant Of Jimmy Blacksmith of the late 70s has there been such a violent and disturbing Australian film which has dealt with the Aboriginal’s retribution on white man for the atrocities afflicted upon them. Set during WWII it was claimed that any Aboriginal who served at war would be treated equally upon […]


Filmmakers who envisage a dream project, privately finance it and ultimately see their labour of love projected on the big screen must be commended, as to complete this journey has been described by many in the film industry as a miracle. Harmony is proudly all Australian made, with a local cast and ideas born out […]


Aussies take the backseat in this enchanting Australian romantic comedy which centres on a forbidden inter-racial relationship. Alex (Richard Brancatisano) is a maths teacher who meets Eve (Andrea Demetriades), a prominent lawyer. Their relationship is doomed from the moment they meet, as Alex is Greek Orthodox and Eve is a Muslim Lebanese. Both sets of parents agree […]


“Let’s get smashed” is the opening dialogue which aptly sums up this Australian comedy/drama about alcohol abuse and one man’s inability to stop consuming it. Ruben Guthrie (Patrick Brammall) is an advertising guru who loves to party and over-indulge on alcohol. His fiancée gives him an ultimatum – stop drinking within 12 months, or else […]


This low-budget Australian road-trip film surrounds a dying cab-driver called Rex who drives 3,000 km from Broken Hill to Darwin, hoping to take advantage of new euthanasia laws. But whilst on this incredible journey, he meets people who force him to re-evaluate his life and ultimately realizes that before he dies he must live life […]


Screened at the Sundance Film Festival, this Australian drama/thriller revolves around an isolated commune consisting of abused women and children. Commune leader Gregori (Vincent Cassel) has transformed the children into assassins and tragedy strikes when his adopted 11-year-old son Alexander (Jeremy Chabriel) finally refutes his teachings. The story is seen from Alexander’s perspective and talented child […]