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AKONI – Local Film Premiere To Celebrate World Refugee Week

Over 100 million people are currently displaced worldwide due to conflict. The small award-winning Aussie independent film, Akoni, tells the story of one of these people - a homeless Nigerian refugee who struggles to find a path to happiness in Australia. After a tragedy occurs in his war-ridden country Akoni is left destitute and homeless […]

How To Please A Woman

Quintessentially another movie that highlights the problem Australian filmmakers have producing genuinely enjoyable comedic feature films. The story centers on a middle-aged woman (Sally Phillips) who has been retrenched from her job and forms an all-male domestic cleaning company where sex is also offered on the side. Initially the comedic elements are slow burning where  […]

ANNO 2000 – Aussie Film Completed Filming During The Pandemic

Filmmakers worldwide must have found it a daunting task to complete projects owing to the restrictions imposed by the ongoing issues associated with COVID-19. However, Sydney-based writer director James Morcan has proudly announced that principal photography on his new film Anno 2000 has been completed – even though it took 12 months. The feature film, described as […]

Aussie One Shot Thriller ‘Watch The Sunset’

The actual process of shooting a movie from beginning until completion of principal cinematography can take anywhere up to 18 months depending on the genre and budget applicable to each project. The amount of ‘takes’ required for each scene can also be inexplicably high, depending on the director. This multi-award-winning Australian film was incredulously filmed […]

Australian romantic comedy ‘Love You Like That’

What is pure love? Love can be ugly, mean, sad and lonely. Love is about challenging each other during the good times and the bad times as depicted in this highly original Aussie feel good romantic comedy that should have audiences returning for encore screenings. A naked lady is swept on the beach. She has […]

Australian film ‘Disclosure’ is powerful & captivating

This Aussie flick concerns child abuse of an extraordinary nature and highlights that powerful and captivating films can be produced on a shoestring budget. The premise is absorbing. What would you do if your children told you they were subject to some kind of abuse? Would you act upon the alleged abuse or believe that […]

June Again

With dementia themed films Father and Supernova doing good business in cinemas, Australian dramedy June Again is set for release and should prove to be popular viewing for all audiences. Noni Hazlehurst shines as June, an elderly woman who had a stroke which led to vascular dementia. After five years in a nursing home, she […]

The Flood

Not since The Chant Of Jimmy Blacksmith of the late 70s has there been such a violent and disturbing Australian film which has dealt with the Aboriginal’s retribution on white man for the atrocities afflicted upon them. Set during WWII it was claimed that any Aboriginal who served at war would be treated equally upon […]


Filmmakers who envisage a dream project, privately finance it and ultimately see their labour of love projected on the big screen must be commended, as to complete this journey has been described by many in the film industry as a miracle. Harmony is proudly all Australian made, with a local cast and ideas born out […]


Aussies take the backseat in this enchanting Australian romantic comedy which centres on a forbidden inter-racial relationship. Alex (Richard Brancatisano) is a maths teacher who meets Eve (Andrea Demetriades), a prominent lawyer. Their relationship is doomed from the moment they meet, as Alex is Greek Orthodox and Eve is a Muslim Lebanese. Both sets of parents agree […]