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Glebe harbour park to go dry

BY JOEY FENAUGHTY A proposed extension of the alcohol-free zone in Jubilee Park has provoked ire among some Glebe locals. Police have stepped up patrols of the alcohol-free area in Jubilee Park in Glebe, coinciding with a proposal to extend the prohibition zone to the foreshore. An alcohol-free zone gives police the power to move […]

Young voters must enrol for same-sex marriage postal poll

BY ALEX EUGENE Young and first-time voters must urgently enrol to vote if they want to have their say on same-sex marriage. All Australians need to have their postal vote in the mail by August 24. The fight for equality is on again, this time in the form of a survey which will cost taxpayers […]


With Coffin Ed. What is it about our constant desire to be loved and appreciated overseas, not so much with our military intrusions in countries like Iraq and Syria, but with our cultural and sporting exports? Only last weekend we saw yet another Australian intruder in the Eurovision Song Contest whilst footy players battled the […]

5 Seconds of Summer – 5 Seconds of Summer

It’s easy to deride music by the likes of 5 Seconds of Summer. Why? Because it’s shit. Derivative, boring, unexceptional and totally by numbers, this is the musical equivalent of a Big Mac or a coffee from Starbucks. You know exactly what you’re gonna get and you know it’s going to be of low quality. […]

His Mother’s Voice

His Mother’s Voice takes audiences from 1966 Shanghai at the time of China’s Cultural Revolution, all the way to the eve of the Tiananmen Square protest. An aim of that revolution was to remove from Chinese society all ‘capitalist’ cultural elements. So, learning piano which is at most, a tedious chore to the student, became […]

A life lost in vain

Last week the Afghan government released 65 suspected Taliban militants from prison. The US military, due to pull out of that benighted country by the end of this year, were outraged, of course. US officials said the detainees were “directly linked” to attacks that killed or wounded 32 NATO troops as well as 23 Afghan […]

Light the blue touch paper and stand well clear

Sydneysider: A personal journey Australia Day – or Bogan Day, as its political boosters have made it – is on an inevitable collision course with history. Annual celebrations and holidays begin for reasons of religious, ethnic, national or international solidarity but drift relentlessly toward being just another opportunity to party, or into fatal irrelevance. Very […]


From the first ominous beats and aggressive vocals of Aussie hip-hop duo Smacktown's EP Powerless/Chelsea Grin, there’s an ambience that refuses to comfort. It boils the blood as it storms through the raucous opening track Fight and through the brooding grooves of Final Storm and Powerless to pick up the pace and smash the listener's […]


In the interests of full disclosure, I should say that I love old photographs – of anything really, but especially of strangers in fashions of the past. As I entered the Museum of Sydney’s newest exhibition An Edwardian Summer, therefore, I was ready to be pleased. Thankfully, there was plenty to be pleased about. An […]