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Siobhan Cotchin reveals her Top 5 ‘Growing Pains’ as an artist

For 21-year-old artist Siobhan Cotchin from Perth the creation & release of her latest single Growing Pains provided an opportunity to reflect on her life so far. During this period of reflection Cotchin came realised she has encountered a number of growing pains as both a person & as an artist. Below Cotchin explains to City Hub her top […]

Record label celebrating LGBTQ artists launched to celebrate Pride Month

As Australia celebrates Pride Month a brand new record label has been established. Tomboi Records was founded by Alexis Benedict to showcase Australia's plethora of emerging and established Women, LGBTQIA+ and POC artists, who for too long have been under appreciated & underrepresented. Tomboi Records is led by Alexis Benedict, a seasoned veteran in the Australian music industry with 25 […]

Review: Ned Manning’s Painting the Light

By Swagatalakshmi Roychowdury Set in the backdrop of World War II, Painting The Light by Ned Manning is a story of love between two lost people and love for their country. An extraordinary tale of love and loss, this novel sheds light upon the unfolding political drama and the Australian landscape of the twentieth century. […]

Review: Ablaze

The documentary “Ablaze” is a paean to Aboriginal rights activist William Onus, and a fascinating tour of suppressed Australian history. Filmmakers Tiriki Onus and Alec Morgan have created a gripping film exploring the life and times of William Onus, Tiriki’s grandfather. It’s something of a mysterious treasure trail. Tiriki discovers a suitcase in his mother’s […]


Feeling confused as to where your true political loyalties lie at the forthcoming Federal Election, mentally battered by the onslaught of Clive Palmer’s TV adverts or discombobulated by the opinions of the political pundits? Then worry no more. Here in the clearest and simplest of language is the everyday guide to election slogans, jargon, vote […]


When television began in Australia back in 1956 it was all very innocent and polite – a technological and entertainment novelty rather than a force for social change. We had variety shows, the Three Stooges, Our Gang, Disneyland, a bunch of American sitcoms, a nightly news service and the ‘epilogue’ at midnight when stations shut […]

The Children In The Pictures delves into the darkest recesses of the internet

BY JARROD WOLFHUNTER The Children In The Pictures is a hard-hitting documentary following the investigations of an international network of authorities as they rescue children from the sleazy, squalid world of child exploitation. Task Force Argos is the notorious Australian-based police investigative team acting as a ‘thin blue line’ between a functioning, healthy society and […]

Climate teens win class action against federal government

By ALLISON HORE In a world first decision, the Australian Federal Court has ruled that Environment Minister Sussan Ley has a duty of care not to cause harm to young people by exacerbating the effects of climate change.  The class action against Minister Ley was filed by eight high school students in September last year. […]


We often hear reference to the ‘Great American Song Book’ and that country’s fine tradition of celebrated songwriters across a number of musical genres. Here in Australia we don’t have anywhere near the number of composers and lyricists that the Americans have but it’s reasonable to say we have cranked out our fair share of […]

Captain Cook: navigator or coloniser?

By ALEC SMART Captain James Cook is under the spotlight again after two women were arrested for spray-painting graffiti on his statue in Sydney’s Hyde Park in the early hours of the morning on 13 June. One of the alleged perpetrators is a part-time employee of NSW Greens MP David Shoebridge. The 1879 bronze life-sized […]