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REVIEW: M.Rock hits all the right comedic & musical beats

The Australian Theatre for Young People’s (ATYP) remounting of Lachlan Philpott’s M.Rock hits all the right comical and musical beats. The hilarious play debuted in 2014 to enthusiastic reviews, and it returns with the much-lauded Valerie Bader reprising the title role. M.Rock is the whirlwind story of impetuous, 18-year-old Tracy (Milena Barraclough Nesic) who goes […]

Walsh Bay Redevelopment Delays

By Madison Behringer. Plans to redevelop the Walsh Bay arts precinct in Barangaroo have been in the pipeline since as far back as 1998. In May 2018, plans were approved by the State Government for the precinct alongside a $207 million budget for the project. However just as quickly as the building began, the project […]

REVIEW: Oedipus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

The setting is not pretty; a ghetto in city suburbia, the performance space is covered in spray painted graffiti, it reeks of poverty, neglect and desolation, amid the detritus are empty milk crates, a stained mattress, a waste disposal bin, empty cans and rubbish, black garbage bags filled with junk. A cohesive group of four […]

ATYP’s Intersection

Ten scenes, 19 actors, and 90 minutes of captivating, never-before-seen, Aussie theatre – the Australian Theatre for Young People's Intersection promises a lot. Directed by Katrina Douglas, the play expands on the theatre company's Voices Project, giving 10 young writers between the ages of 18 to 34 a chance to showcase their burgeoning talent. Based in one town, […]

The Big Dry

The Big Dry is a co-production with Australian Theatre for Young People, based on the young-adult fiction novel by Australian author Tony Davis and inspired by the American Dust Bowl of the 1930’s. It was an era of unbelievable dust storms, where all the topsoil on farms was blown away, nothing grew and the land […]

ATYP presents: Spring Awakening The Musical

An electrifying fusion of rebellion, sexual awakening and rock and roll – The Australian Theatre for Young People delivers Spring Awakening The Musical to Sydney audiences for a limited two week run. This rock ‘n’ roll musical with a folk-infused score tells the story of teenagers in late 19th Century Germany who find themselves thrust […]


Developed over two years in the Northern Territory, Rachael Coopes’s and Wayne Blair’s Sugarland will grace the stages of ATYP. The play is a confronting look at the lives of youth in rural areas, giving audiences an insight into what it is to be Australian and furthermore, what it means to be young. Co-writer Coopes […]

Mr Kolpert

Pantsguys break the surface this year with their newest provocative play, David Gieselmann's Mr Kolpert. Directed a decade after conception by James Dalton, this production is buzzing with maddening anticipation. “I found that underneath it all, although it’s quite a madcap play for an audience to experience, there’s some exciting ideas in there. Where we […]

His Mother’s Voice

Enduring piano lessons as a child is pretty standard in western society, but in Shanghai of ’66 when the Communist Party reigned, one defiant mother had to teach her son to play in secret. Justin Fleming’s play, His Mother’s Voice, details the true story of a mother-son relationship from the birth of China’s cultural revolution […]


Stop Kiss jumps back and forth in time – is this a worthy technique? Or is it just an unnecessary complication to telling a story? Here, the technique certainly justifies itself right at the end where there’s a very poignant juxtaposition of the present broken young woman with her faithful partner, contrasting with the earlier […]