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21st Biennale Of Sydney

By Rita Bratovich. The inaugural Biennale of Sydney was held in 1973, timed deliberately to coincide with the opening of the Sydney Opera House, which hosted some of the first Biennale events. Since then, the Biennale of Sydney has grown into one of the leading international contemporary arts festivals. This year is the 45th Anniversary […]

VOLUME – Another Art Book Fair

Are you an aspiring writer? or love cartoons and picture books? If that’s you then, the Another Art Book Fair at the Artspace in Sydney is the place to be. In it’s second running the fair is attracting thousands of people with over 77 international and local publishers exhibiting their works over three days. Over the […]

Superposition of Three Types

Artspace gallery's latest exhibition explores the work of thirteen living Australian artists, uniting their unique practices through their shared central interest in exploring colourist abstraction. Superposition of Three Types acknowledges the rich avant-garde origins of abstraction, resisting the oft-touted and over-simplified appreciation of its aesthetic elements. Highlighting the continued relevance of visual art practices which draw […]

The Public Body .01

Artspace Gallery’s new major exhibition is the first installation of three distinct yet interrelated exhibitions exploring various facets of the notion of the public body. “The Public Body .01 deals very much with the contemporary moment and is particularly focussed around the naked and/or sexualised body and image production in the contemporary time,” co-curator Talia […]

Montages: The Full Cut, 1999-2015

Montages: The Full Cut gathers artist Tracey Moffatt and editor Gary Hillberg’s eight collaborative films, created between 1999 and 2015. Running between 10 and 20 minutes each, Moffatt and Hillberg present a series of montages of cinematic representations of topics such as violence against women, blackness and indigeneity, and artists’ work. An overarching interest in the […]

Exhibition Review: Writing Art

Questioning the nature of creativity and its place in contemporary society is a specialty of Artspace Gallery, and its new exhibition, Writing Art, is continuing the tradition. Drawing upon structuralist and post structuralist theories, Writing Art explores the relationship between text and image. Can words paint? Can paintings write? Is conventional art a separate entity to the […]

Art As A Verb

Art as a Verb is a group exhibition that denotes the concept of art as action. Showcasing actions, performances, situational pieces, manifestos, interactive props, take home photographs, instructional works and intriguing takes on seemingly mundane activity. Following its successful presentation in Melbourne by Monash University Museum of Art (MUMA), Artspace is presenting the exhibition with […]

On Return and What Remains

It is not only wounded soldiers who bear the scars of war. A new exhibition at Artspace contemplates the broader casualties of war, from displaced civilians to traumatised military personnel, and the broken communities to which they return. On Return and What Remains is a group exhibition focused on the challenges endured by those who […]

The Curtain Breathed Deeply – Justene Williams

With The Curtain Breathed Deeply, artist Justene Williams has produced an aural and visual omelette that both entices and confronts. The installation begins with a stark white ute supporting a trio of screens simultaneously displaying images of chequered fingers, vaginas, and a distorted digital shaman who invites the visitor to continue their journey. A series […]


Alex Davies' The Very Near Future begins with the simple opening of a door. Within is an interactive space that plays with time and the imagination. The installation is designed as a film studio. The recreated security office has a sign-in book which immediately immerses the visitor in the experience. Thunder claps sound overhead, a […]