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Kirana Haag, Transformational Artist

For Kirana Haag, Director of The Art of Belonging, her mission is to help more people unlock the truth and beauty in art, using it as a "tool that helps us engage, in work and life,” allowing people to connect both with themselves and with each other. Haag moved from Germany to Australia in 1996, […]

Belinda Carter Art

Belinda Carter is a self taught Sydney based artist who specialises in acrylic and various ink medium. She has a love for colour and diversity as well as a talent for colour fusion and trending creations, which shows through in her mesmerising creations. Belinda’s creations have become a phenomenon in the Australian art landscape with her works […]

Grassroots gallery hung out to dry by City

By ALEXANDER LEWIS A key stepping stone for burgeoning artists has been shut down after 27 years of service. The iconic Tap Gallery in Darlinghust was kicked out by its new landlord due to a fire safety order imposed upon the building by the City of Sydney last year. Founder Lesley Dimmick said the non-profit […]


After a long battle with emphysema, legendary artist, Martin Sharp died last week (Dec 1). Martin was a family friend, and someone who had a great influence on me and my work. As a child in the 80's Martin was the first adult I knew who identified as an artist, and he was always encouraging of me […]