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Arthouse Gallery – I Am Here

The fully-booked launch of I Am Here at Arthouse Gallery featured an intergenerational panel of female artists involved in different mediums: Katherine Hattan, an artist with the rigour of decades of experience; Jo Bertini, who has dedicated her work to the love of desert landscapes around the world; and a curious figure dressed in a balaclava […]

Kate Bergin – Tabletop Variations

In what will be her Arthouse Gallery debut and her first major Sydney exhibition, renowned artist Kate Bergin will bring her newest show Tabletop Variations to the gallery from the end of this month and throughout early June. Featuring a delightful and sprawling collection of still life paintings, Tabletop Variations incorporates art history, Bach, paintings of […]

Leah Fraser – In The Beginning There Were Stars

The latest collection of artworks by Leah Fraser explores the creative forces of time, memory and movement in a hatching human experience. “The dust of the universe that swirled together everything around us – the Cosmic Egg of the Brahmins, the Big Bang, God: whatever it is that describes the stored energy of creation – […]

Susan Baird – Sense of Place

In Sense of Place, Susan Baird smothers otherwise serene landscapes in light. Baird works through a kind of collage, cutting together the sense of light at one moment (at say, dawn) with another (maybe as a storm rolls in) and another (maybe as a cloud rolls in front of the sun at noon). Painting in […]

Jo Davenport – Mapping Hill End

What is a map anyway? Mapping Hill End explores cartography as an open-ended process. Completed over the course of a 2015 residency, each painting in the exhibition is a map of Hill End in the NSW countryside. Writing of black work across and after the middle passage, theorist Katherine McKittrick suggests that “black women necessarily […]

Colin Pennock – Modern Recluse

Known for his production of emotionally driven landscapes, Irish-born artist Colin Pennock presents a new sequence of vigorous paintings to be on show at Arthouse gallery. Pennock’s latest works come with an immense link to the sensationalism and dissemination that the major news corporations thrive on, and the vulnerability that the artist is feeling within […]

Penguin Bloom

Life has a delicate harmony that most people ignore. The story of Penguin the magpie illustrates how this was recognised by a very unique group of humans. The Blooms were devastated by an accident that left wife and mother Sam paralysed. They were reeling from shock when relief came to them in the form of […]

IAN GREIG Exhibition

In February, Arthouse Gallery will be presenting a new series of paintings by Sydney-based artist Ian Greig.  Inspired by the visual experience of water, Greig says that “the surface of a pond is analogous with painting, presenting an interplay of inverted perspectives, ambiguous depth, shifting spatial illusions and transient echoes and traces of a reflected […]

Danelle Bergstrom – Return

Return, presented by Arthouse Gallery, is the latest collection of oil paintings by acclaimed Australian artist Danelle Bergstrom. Inspired by her own experiences and memories, Bergstrom paints a series of evocative and highly reflective landscape pieces inspired by the land around her enclave in Hill End. The dream-like sceneries have a sense of rawness about […]


Heidi Yardley will present her debut exhibition Meeting the Shadow at the Arthouse Gallery. This exhibition has been inspired through printed material from the 60’s and 70’s, embedded with monochromatic tones and various textures. Her oil paintings and charcoal drawings are a personal interpretation of faded memory, reinvention and supernatural inference. The exhibition title is […]