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In Hearts Wake

With the release of their latest album, Ark, Byron Bay band In Hearts Wake completed their trinity of albums celebrating the environment and its three major elements. Kicking off the trilogy was Earthwalker which celebrated the land, that record was then followed up by Skydancer celebrating the air and now we have Ark which is focused on […]

In Hearts Wake – Ark

Byron Bay metal core outfit In Hearts Wake continue their environmentalism themed records with their latest offering Ark. Following on from Earthwalker in 2014 and Skydancer in 2015 this time around the band is focused on water conservation. Kicking off the album with a bang are singles Passage and Nomad, however shortly after this the […]


Audiences expecting a conservative re-telling of the story of Noah will be disappointed with this reincarnation, as the story has been modernised for a new generation of filmgoers. Highly anticipated, Noah is “loosely based” on the biblical epic according to the Book Of Genesis, but is completely different to previous films based on the bible. The […]