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REVIEW: Eurydice

America playwright Sarah Ruhl wrote this play as a tribute to her recently deceased father, and indeed the major focus is on the relationship between Eurydice (Ebony Vagulans) and her father (Jamie Oxenbould), whom she meets when she is banished on her wedding day to the Underworld. However, as she has bathed in the river […]

REVIEW: What The Butler Saw

Given Joe Orton’s penchant for obvious, raucous humour and side-wink puns, he would probably have taken devilish delight in the fact that his last play was written in 1969 - had he not met a gruesome death at the hands of his lover. What The Butler Saw does not, as you might expect, feature a […]

REVIEW: The Shifting Heart

This well-regarded classic Australian play, written in 1957 by Richard Beynon and set against a backdrop of post war hardship in Collingwood, Melbourne would only need some costume and reference updates to align with present day social politics. The story revolves around the Bianchi family: Poppa (Tony Poli), Momma (Dina Panozzo), 21 year old son […]