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Bad Apples in the barrel

By Michael Hitch Tech giant Apple has left a sour taste in a customer’s mouth when staff at the Bondi Junction store withheld an iPhone belonging to a twelve-year-old girl after she left it at the store to be repaired on 29 December. The screen of the phone was cracked. When she returned on 31 […]

Mat Ward – Inside My iPad

The concept behind Mat Ward’s latest record had the potential to be something truely remarkable and ground breaking, sadly however it falls just short of that. In a somewhat ironic choice for this record Mat set out to create a record which openly criticises Apple and their business decisions entirely on his iPad. The biggest […]

Steve Jobs

In another biopic of the late, great co-founder of Apple, director Danny Boyle and writer Aaron Sorkin provide an update for the Steve Jobs story. Based on the biography by Walter Isaacson, their dramatisation takes a deceptively simple approach to storytelling, arranged in three distinct acts set in real time before Jobs takes the stage […]

Naked City: Take the Individual Test!

  ‘Individualism’ can be defined as both a moral stance and ideology as well as the quality of being an individual i.e. standing out from that amorphous mass of fellow humans sometimes referred to as the mob. These days achieving individuality in a society dominated by technology and media enforced social mores is becoming increasingly […]

Sex Tape

Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) are a yuppie couple who do things like write motherhood blogs and host family barbeques. In a bid to spice things up they make a sex tape, which accidentally makes it into the hands of all their friends. Diaz and Segel are usually great at couple comedy, but […]


The story of Apple and its genius entrepreneur and founder Steve Jobs is one widely circulated. This film follows Jobs' rise from college drop-out to CEO. Audiences may arrive at this film with strong doubts - it would be easy to create an over-sentimentalised glorification of the Apple company and casting Ashton Kutcher as Jobs […]