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Swastika drawn on Aboriginal flag

by ALEC SMART An Aboriginal flag mural in Camperdown Park, in Sydney’s inner west suburb of Newtown, was defaced with a swastika, prompting quick community action to cover the offensive graffiti. On 24 April, DiegoAndres Barberini RothseyRodriguez was walking through the park when he caught sight of the racist graffiti, and took a photo with […]

Concerns heighten over rise of anti-Semitism in Bondi

By Emily Contador-Kelsall The Jewish Community in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs have faced a rise in anti-Semitism, according to local politicians and community members. Last week, a white supremacist group distributed flyers into mailboxes around Bondi and Double Bay, attacking Jewish people and urging “White Australia” to “Wake up”. This rise in anti-Semitism gained widespread attention […]

Jewish schools heighten security following anti-Semitic attack

Jewish schools in Sydney’s eastern suburbs have increased security measures to protect their students from anti-Semitic attacks following an incident on a school bus in Randwick last week. Jewish schools in the area now have armed guards operating at their gates and members of the NSW Police patrolling the vicinity. Three young students aged between […]