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Food News – Sweet Street

Anyone who’s known me longer than a DJ set will be aware that I’m not typically the dessert type; but who am I to pass up the opportunity to attend Anna Polyviou’s increasingly popular Sweet Street sugar festival?

Food News – August Events

August is shaping up to be very tasty, what with The Morrison bringing back their Oyster Festival including their legendary $1 Oyster Hour every night of the month, between 6pm and 7pm.

Food News

The Shangri-La Sydney has a young, hip pastry chef in Anna Polyviou. Not only is she good at her craft, she’s entertaining and charismatic in the (rather spacious) confines of her pastry kitchen.

Food News

Sydney's 2014 Chinese New Year Festival, running from the 24th January to the 9th February, is set to be the biggest in our 18-year history, with over 80 events scheduled. Fashion designer Claudia Chan Shaw, one of the City of Sydney’s festival ambassadors, says: “For us, Chinese New Year has always been about getting together and sharing wonderful food with family and friends.”