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Trolls World Tour

An all-star cast headed by Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake (who reprise their roles as Poppy & Branch respectively) lend their voices to the sequel of Trolls (2016), which is anticipated to be another enormous box office hit from DreamWorks Animation. There are six troll tribes in the land, each categorised by the music they […]

A Simple Favour

Anna Kendrick is what’s really good about this movie. She has that 1970s doe-eyed, slight bodied prettiness (think Stepford Wives) that makes her trustworthy and instantly likeable, and precision comic timing that buoys up the script when it threatens to sag. Kendrick plays Stephanie Smothers, a widowed mummy vlogger with a young boy at school […]

Table 19

On the surface, this looks like a cookie-cutter, icing-coated rom-com, replete with an unlikely mixed bag of characters brought together through their obliged invitation to a wedding. The Table 19 of the title is the one tucked away in a corner from which “you can smell the toilets.” Each character at this table has a […]