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Luis And The Aliens

Eleven-year-old Luis is a lonely kid, with a UFO-obsessed father who often forgets he’s even there and a mother whom he misses more than anything. But Luis’ life starts looking up when three real life aliens crash-land right near Luis’ home and things take a very unexpected turn. The aliens in Luis And The Aliens […]

Peter Rabbit

Based off the character created by Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit has received a 3D live-action lift. The computer animated children’s comedy is directed by Will Gluck, who wrote the screenplay with Rob Lieber. The film features an awesome line-up of cast including, Rose Byrne, Domhnall Gleeson and Sam Niell, with voices by James Corden, Margot Robbie, […]

In This Corner Of The World

This is a beautifully animated, deeply engaging film by director/screenwriter Sunao Katabuchi. Set in Japan, the story centres predominantly around the life of Suzu, beginning with her carefree childhood where she exhibits early signs of artistic prowess. The plot is sectioned into timelines with titles showing time and place. This first part takes place several […]

The Emoji Movie

The Emoji Movie is an animated film which follows the story of Gene (voiced by T.J. Miller). Gene is an emoji with multiple expressions, unlike his single-expression counterparts. After failing at his job as an emoji, Gene sets out on a quest to fit in with the other emojis by eliminating all the emotions he […]


Animation’s opening track, Falling apart, bursts into emotively charged complaints with a beat. There’s plenty of energy in this album from Jolan, setting a mood that makes you want to thrust your fist in the face of the world. The slow pace of the lyrics and persistent piano, counterbalances the music with some very sing-able […]


Peter Ramsay’s take on Williams Joyce’s Rise of the Guardians features storybook favourites with a twist; Santa’s ‘little’ helpers are in fact yetis, and the Easter Bunny sports a heavy Australian accent. The story follows Jack Frost, a maverick guardian who uses his abilities to wreak havoc and mischief wherever he lands. It’s a tale […]


Hotel Transylvania is a fast-paced and surprisingly jovial 3D animation film that manages to retain the wide-eyed naïvety we recognise from classic children’s films, rather than the darker, more ironic approaches we've witnessed of late. It swoops in on the infamous Count Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler), his high-end resort for monsters, and an improbable story of […]