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Whilst the focus has been clearly on the human dilemma during the current pandemic there has also been a conversation as to the effects on non-human animals. Currently little evidence exists to support COVID transmission between domestic pets like cats and dogs and their owners, however there is some suggestion that animals in close proximity […]

Kids & Kittens

These school holidays the Cat Protection Society will be opening their doors and allowing kids to interact with some very cute kittens and cats. If you’re hunting for free school holiday entertainment, look no further. “Kids love animals, so we thought that we would help out families this school holidays by opening our doors and […]


One of the great things about Sydney is the proliferation of wildlife throughout the CBD and suburbs, despite the loss of habitat in many areas. Whilst some animals have all but disappeared others are queuing up to take their place. The Eastern Quoll once roamed the bushland around Nielsen Park in Vaucluse but has not […]


This is a warts and all depiction of two besties sharing a flat in Dublin, living and loving excessively and… well, the “and” is the problem. We’re taken on a wild ride of boozing, snorting, smoking, sexing, a semi-serious relationship, a tear in the friendship and then to an ambiguous, unsatisfying conclusion. Laura (Holliday Grainger) […]

Naked City: When animals attack!

  Okay, it was probably a slow news day but did we really need a recent tabloid story about Hollywood pop singer, Hilary Duff, being ‘attacked’ by a flock of ravenous seagulls whilst eating lunch at Sydney's Opera Bar? Admittedly it was part of a larger story, whereby management is trialling a giant robot bird […]

The last time I saw Don Johnstone

Sydneysider: A personal journey I was a permanent seasonal ranger with the National Parks and Wildlife Service at the historic Quarantine Station on North Head in June 1985 when there was a big stranding of false killer whales at Crowdy Head. The senior ranger came looking for a volunteer to accompany ranger Keiran Murphy on […]