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THE NAKED CITY – Revenge Of The Pangolin

When we think of animals that are trafficked globally, often to be used in Chinese medicines and other natural remedies, it’s tigers, elephants and rhinos that immediately come to mind. Yet in recent years the most hijacked animal in the world has been a prehistoric looking, scaly mammal, prized for both its meat and the […]

One year after the greyhound ban

BY ALEX EUGENE It's the first anniversary of former Premier Mike Baird's short-lived ban on greyhound racing -- leading to what Parliamentary Opposition Leader Luke Foley called "mother of all back flips". Mr Baird had declared a total ban on greyhound racing in NSW after the shocking exposure of cruelty rife within the industry, including […]

Injured pup sparks pet shop debate

By Angelo Risso It’s the photo that galvanised more than 70,000 signatures, but it may not be exactly as it seems. The image of the injured beagle puppy, which has a bandaged leg and a cone around its neck, went viral on social media two weeks ago after being published on the Facebook page of […]

Must love dogs – or don’t buy one

It’s that time of year again where we frantically try to outdo ourselves and find better presents than last year. And what better gift is there than the gift of friendship? Man’s best friend, right? Not necessarily. While the thought of a cute little puppy running around the tree on Christmas morning sounds like a […]