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Angus & Julia Stone

Often as artists grow one of the first things to fall away is extensive regional touring. As Angus Stone explained to us the two main reasons for this tend to be “logistical and financial difficulties” because as a show grows and develops it becomes more grand and complex thus inhibiting where it can be staged viably. Once […]

LIVE WIRE – Sydney’s Live Music Guide Sep 21

Asha Jefferies: Powerhouse, indie-pop singer-songwriter Asha Jefferies brings maturity beyond her years in new single Coburg; a soaring, atmospheric track about stepping outside of your moral bounds. Come celebrate the new single with her tonight. Thu, Sep 21, Oxford Arts Factory Cloud Control: Sydney’s own enigmatic indie-psych-pop trio have returned with new single, Zone (This […]

Love Anchors Storm

Love. This one simple word but incredibly complex emotion has been the one constant thread weaving rising musician Harrison Storm’s life together. Harrison’s life can be divided into three distinct stages; his early years growing up in the Mornington Peninsula, diving head first into music and now finally moving up to Wollongong. During his childhood […]