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Jails are the crime

By ALEC SMART A 12-year-old Aboriginal boy, Dujuan Hoosan, travelled to Geneva, Switzerland, to appeal directly to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on an issue important to Indigenous Australians. In a televised address on Wednesday 11 September, he asked for UNHRC help ending something that most Australian political leaders are reluctant to change: […]

Newtown Electorate Profile

By ALLISON HORE The state election is now only two weeks away and the race for the NSW parliament is on its final leg. And with the polling margins between Labor and Liberal drawing ever closer, those seats currently held by crossbenchers will be the ones to watch. One such seat is Newtown, which stretches […]

Write For Rights

While present-day mass political action may seem to have overwhelmingly depleted to clicking and 'signing' online petitions as they float through cyberspace, the value of community action and letter writing cannot be lost. At this time of year, Amnesty International groups join together to write letters condemning human rights abuses by overseas governments. This Sunday, […]

Hurried Steps

Amnesty International advises that there are thousands of cases each day of women suffering physical, sexual and emotional abuse. For their campaign, Stop Violence Against Women and Girls, they commissioned a work from venerable and prolific Italian writer Dacia Maraini to help increase awareness of this appalling fact. The result, Hurried Steps, is an oratorio […]

Jenny v. Penny: the battle for Newtown

By Paul Gregoire and Michael Koziol Labor’s Penny Sharpe and the Greens’ Jenny Leong have both identified affordable housing as a priority issue for the seat of Newtown ahead of next year’s state election. Ms Sharpe, a sitting member of the upper house, won Labor’s community preselection at the weekend with 64 per cent of […]