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Neighbours Evicted?

By Rida Babar A new announcement by the Morrison Government will see changes in the regulation of film and television content laws in Australia, throwing a massive spanner in the works for the industry’s COVID-19 recovery plan. Australia’s arts and entertainment sector, which has already seen massive devastation all year due to production restrictions, will […]

THE NAKED CITY: The ‘Jetsons’ Syndrome

The Jetsons began as an animated sitcom back in the early 60s - a kind of futuristic counterpart to The Flintstones presenting a fantastic world in which technology enriched almost every aspect of the daily experience. Robots, holograms, gadgetry galore and flying cars made life an absolute joy. Whilst there were minor inconveniences and some often […]


I don’t know about you, but I am thoroughly sick of those much glorified flying ‘drones.’ I went off them in a big way when a few years ago I saw a bunch of hoons deliberately take down a seagull with one in a park. I shamelessly admit I now get a devious thrill whenever […]