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De-amalgamate! And put the local back into local…

Opinion by PETER HEHIR With the decision due in relation to what has been described as “several counts of misconduct in 2019” during the execution of his mayoral duties, the Balmain electorate awaits the fate of Mayor Darcy Byrne. It was reported in the Sydney Morning Herald and Telegraph on Wednesday that Mr Byrne told […]

OPINION: The ALP’s Tunnel Vision?

BY PETER HEHIR When the ALP’s Jodi McKay said last Saturday at the Birchgrove tennis court meeting, in front of about 200 residents, that “If elected, the ALP won’t build the Western Harbour Tunnel,” what she really meant was that they wouldn’t build the remaining 60%. She neither acknowledged nor addressed the fact that a […]

Disquiet on the Inner Western Front

By Peter Hehir If the ALP is interested in winning the respect of the Inner West community – a respect that they’ve lost due to their appalling past performance in relation to the provision of public transport and because of their support for WestConnex – then there are seven key initiatives that they should give […]

No reprieve for the Inner West

By Peter Hehir In spite of huge resident opposition, in just a few days – while the bulk of the NSW population embraces holiday mode, the black shirts who form the NSW Government, will seal the fate of the Inner West. The Minister for Planning will again scrawl an illegible signature across the bottom of […]

Battered Pav shows how the Liberal sausage is made

By Paul Paech If all politics is local, then the streets of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs are where the direction of Australia’s political destiny will be decided. The ugly machinations around the exit from politics of Prime Minister and Member for Wentworth Malcolm Turnbull have created a showdown between a disciplined ALP and the chaotic Liberal […]

The Workers

At a time when the Labor Party seems to stand for little more than getting back into power, this place harks back to the days when it used to stand for something: the workers. It’s guaranteed to bring a tear to the eye to anyone who remembers the glory days of Whitlam, Hawke and Wran.

Firth to focus on “moral core” after pre-selection victory

Verity Firth says she will work to restore the Labor Party’s “moral core” after she was pre-selected on Saturday, May 3 as the party’s candidate in the seat of Balmain for the 2015 state election. The pre-selection was also contested by current Leichhardt mayor Darcy Byrne. This was the second trial of the community pre-selection model, […]

Balmain’s game of thrones

OPINION by James Morrow A fortnight ago Tony Abbott launched his full employment scheme for knights and dames, leading to paroxysms of hair-tearing, head-scratching, and cries of “anachronism!”. But really, was he that far off the mark? As modern and right-on as we consider ourselves to be in Sydney, our local politics has more in […]

Jenny v. Penny: the battle for Newtown

By Paul Gregoire and Michael Koziol Labor’s Penny Sharpe and the Greens’ Jenny Leong have both identified affordable housing as a priority issue for the seat of Newtown ahead of next year’s state election. Ms Sharpe, a sitting member of the upper house, won Labor’s community preselection at the weekend with 64 per cent of […]

Preselection battles expose Labor rifts

Labor’s upper house leader Luke Foley has poured scorn over suggestions he is running former staffers for preselection in the seat of Newtown to help shore up his numbers in parliament. Environmentalist Felicity Wade and town planner Sean Macken have entered what is fast becoming a crowded field for the newly-created electorate of Newtown, which […]