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Behind The Lines

Australia’s best political art is currently on display in Parramatta at the Museum Of Australian Democracy's (MOAD) 2018 Behind The Lines Exhibition. This year’s exhibition Curiouser And Curiouser is themed after Lewis Carol’s Alice In Wonderland and promises to take audiences “down the rabbit hole” of Australian political cartooning. Presented by the Whitlam Institute and Riverside Theatres the […]

The Jungle Book

Newly adapted and written for live-performance by acclaimed Australian theatre maker Glenn Elston comes The Jungle Book - a new take on Rudyard Kipling’s children’s classic. Performed outdoors and boasting original music by Paul Norton, the show is sweeping both children and adults off their feet. In a high-energy and fast-paced adaptation of the children’s […]

Alice In Wonderland

M2 Production and Rapidfire International Inc’s smash hit production of Alice In Wonderland makes its way down under this month at the State Theatre. “Audiences can expect to see an Alice In Wonderland that is both innovative and new but also true to the classic language of Lewis Carroll,” says Georgina Walker, who plays the […]

Bar Fly: White Rabbit

This upmarket CBD bar is not only a hotbed of silver foxes in suits; it's also a great place to just kick back with carafes of cocktails and watch the world hurry by. White Rabbit is the place to go if you need to trick someone into thinking you've got your shit together.


I can’t remember when it was that an outing to the theatre became such a serious affair. Perhaps it was around the time that an amateur theatre production started to mean long, complicated silences; meaningful glances; convoluted themes; and an uncomfortable audience. Now we have seen the light. That light came in the form of […]