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Alex Lykos – Jawbone

Of Greek origins, Alex Lykos writes and performs in Jawbone at the Factory Theatre, the 12th stage production he has been involved in as an writer/actor/director. He was creator of the trilogy Alex & Eve, Alex & Eve: The Wedding and Alex & Eve: The Baby, and adapted Alex & Eve for the big screen, which premiered across […]

Me And My Left Brain

This charming romantic comedy is more observational than physical. A cross between an episode of Seinfeld and a session on the analyst’s couch, although the latter is what the main character, Arthur, is trying to avoid. Instead, he protests that he is actually, “Happy being miserable.” Essentially the film, written and directed by Alex Lykos, […]

Alex & Eve: The Complete Story

The phenomenon of Alex and Eve culminates in Alex & Eve: The Complete Story. This charming and unpretentious love story about an unconventional Australian couple was introduced to its greatest audiences when it was adapted into the popular 2015 film. But before they made it to the screen, Alex and Eve first met on stage […]

Review: Australia’s Game The Musical

I must confess, the footy has never really been my cup of tea. The world of professional Australian football has always remained on my periphery, a strange culture swirling in testosterone and debauchery – with an element of blokes running a peculiar ball up and down a field. And I have been content with my […]