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Toby Schmitz Stars In Thom Pain (Based On Nothing)

Red Line Productions presents a world first live-streamed theatre season and a specially commissioned live concert event. Toby Schmitz, a multi-award winning Australian actor, is a master of the tragic and comic, making him ideal for Will Eno’s acclaimed one man show, Thom Pain (Based On Nothing). There will also be a specially commissioned live concert: […]


Movie-goers who have a passion for anything French should be completely smitten by this charming and very unique road-trip film which unashamedly resembles a travel and food catalogue, its purpose seemingly to entrance audiences into visiting this exquisite country. Diane Lane is a delight as Anne, the wife of a successful and very busy film […]

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

At the end of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his IMF team had proven their innocence and saved the initiative from being shut down. In Rogue Nation, the fifth outing in the long-running franchise, the IMF must once again prove their worth as they attempt to destroy the international rogue […]


When her crook ex-husband (Alec Baldwin) loses all their money and goes to prison, Jasmine (Cate Blanchett), a disgraced Upper East Side socialite, moves to San Francisco to live with her shelf-packing, gold-hearted sister (Sally Hawkins). Refusing to work menial jobs and mourning for the comfortable life she led, Jasmine spirals downward, taking us with […]


Peter Ramsay’s take on Williams Joyce’s Rise of the Guardians features storybook favourites with a twist; Santa’s ‘little’ helpers are in fact yetis, and the Easter Bunny sports a heavy Australian accent. The story follows Jack Frost, a maverick guardian who uses his abilities to wreak havoc and mischief wherever he lands. It’s a tale […]