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My Echo – Brothers

If you like old school Aussie pub rock, then you’ll like My Echo. The four piece Melbourne band has garnered a following in the last couple of years and has just released their debut album Brothers. The collection of songs represent the issues and sentiments of suburban, working class boys, ranging in vibe from punk/indie […]

Penguin Prison – Lost in New York

Penguin Prison offers up a smorgasbord of pop. Vocally there are some snatches of Julian Casablancas, and a few squeaky clean boy band moments in there too. This 11 track LP is an electro pop dedication to the flurry of life in New York City. Previously known mostly for his remixes, it marks a change […]

Hermitude – Dark Night Sweet Light

Precise yet unrestrained is the biggest compliment I can give the Sydney duo’s fifth studio album. With this release the pair have created a unique concoction of hip-hop, electronic soul and big bass heavy tunes that will be a beacon for the emerging Australian future beats sound to follow. The album has a roundedness to […]

Darren Hanlon – Where did you come from?

Pressing play on Darren Hanlon's newest album, listeners will be greeted by simple, descriptive words in his unaffected voice along with the constant presence of a musical metronome. Poetic and clear, the lyrics build images for the listener, like a glimpse of an old photo album with nostalgia and long gone memories written all over […]

Sheppard – Bombs Away

Sheppard’s debut album Bombs Away is very uplifting. Its range of emotions is imbued with hope and possibility, especially Smile, which has particular warmth radiating from it. Tracks such as Find Someone, with a touch of angst, and Lingering, with a sense of hope despite pain, combine guitar or tambourine and piano with skillful songwriting […]

The Dirty Earth – Autonomic

The Dirty Earth’s album Autonomic is a little rough around the edges. The electricity coming from the guitar half mixes and half challenges the grainy quality in front woman Mandy Newton’s voice. There is darkness in this music, there is angst and there is energy but there is also a fight going on between guitar […]

Die! Die! Die! – S W I M

S W I M (an internet acronym for Someone Who Isn’t Me) is a post-punk album that is both unrelenting and unforgiving in its nature with heavy baselines, jarring guitars and frantic drumming. This is combined with interesting uses of noise, such as feedback, to create a sweaty basement mosh-pit atmosphere whilst somehow maintaining attractive catchy melodies throughout. Out […]

5 Seconds of Summer – 5 Seconds of Summer

It’s easy to deride music by the likes of 5 Seconds of Summer. Why? Because it’s shit. Derivative, boring, unexceptional and totally by numbers, this is the musical equivalent of a Big Mac or a coffee from Starbucks. You know exactly what you’re gonna get and you know it’s going to be of low quality. […]

Jim-E Stack – Tell Me I Belong

Jim-E Stack’s debut LP draws on a multitude of influences from garage, techno, and R&B, right up to electronic dance tracks in what becomes somewhat of a roller-coaster ride of house music. The most notable element of this release is Stack’s profound ability to subtly and smoothly shift gears up and down the tempo range […]

Latham’s Grip – Hey Señorita

After two years Latham’s Grip return with their second release, Hey Señorita. The EP is filled with upbeat high energy alternative rock tracks, sometimes verging on punk, all with generous servings of electric guitar melodies and thumping drum beats. The standout track is Anyone Else, which slows and brings the energy levels down to allow […]