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Made To Measure

How do people manage their inner voices when they find themselves the victims of bias? What happens to a person when they feel judged? These are questions Alana Valentine, award-winning Australian playwright, asked herself when writing her new play, Made To Measure, which examines internalised discrimination and “flippant social attitudes” around the subject of weight. […]

REVIEW: Ear To The Edge Of Time

After some immersive research that included interviews with astrophysicists, a close encounter with the Parkes Radio Telescope and trips to Manchester, Oxford, Greenwich and the Vatican Library in Rome, Alana Valentine wrote Ear To The Edge Of Time and won the 2012 STAGE International Script Competition for best play about Science or Technology. It’s a […]

The Sugar House

Bringing brutal social change back to the forefront of discussion, The Sugar House sees its world premiere at the Belvoir this month. Written by Alana Valentine, the play follows Narelle, a high achiever from a working-class background who is repeatedly drawn back to her home suburb of Pyrmont. “It’s a really beautiful family dynasty story […]

Barbara And The Camp Dogs

Barbara And The Camp Dogs could be on its way to becoming one of Australia’s most important performance pieces. The young theatre show has so far received a standing ovation at every single performance – no small feat for a world premiere, though perhaps not surprising given the talent behind it all. Co-written by legendary […]