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Human Flow

Ai Weiwei is a controversial multi-discipline Chinese artist and activist who has spoken openly against violations of human rights and political corruption, much to the disapproval of his government. As director of the new documentary, Human Flow, he shines a damning light on all governments with regard to the mistreatment of refugees. It is a […]

21st Biennale Of Sydney

By Rita Bratovich. The inaugural Biennale of Sydney was held in 1973, timed deliberately to coincide with the opening of the Sydney Opera House, which hosted some of the first Biennale events. Since then, the Biennale of Sydney has grown into one of the leading international contemporary arts festivals. This year is the 45th Anniversary […]


Go East is one of those rare collections that have something mystic about them; it has that indescribable feeling of awe that overwhelms and stays with you long after the moment is gone. Exploring a range of social issues through various styles of photography, installations and sculptures - the exhibition, despite being pieced together from […]