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Addi Road Writer’s Festival 2021

Aspiring writers in the Inner West of Sydney are about to have an annual literary and storytelling event right on their doorstep. Thanks to the fine folks over at the Addison Road Community Organisation this event will act as an unofficial fringe festival and creative alternative to the Sydney Writers Festival. The festival's inaugural event […]

REVIEW: The Spoils By Jesse Eisenberg

With his neurotic angst, his racist and sexist remarks, and the vicious streak of a bully, Ben dominates and even terrorises this small groups of New York friends. His flatmate Kalyan, played by Kabir Singh is a Nepalese student of Business Studies who desperately wants to remain in the Big Apple after the completion of […]

The One-Story Tree House

by MARK MORDUE I’ve been working at Addison Road Community Centre Organisation as their Media Adviser for the last six months. After a career in rock journalism and editing an inner-city paper that collapsed last year, leading me into a tough period of unemployment over Christmas, it’s been a real education for me to land […]

Food For Thought

Food is one basic commodity nobody can live without. There are, however, some interesting challenges which orbit around the food industry. Two new innovative programs are looking to alleviate two of these challenges in two very different ways.   ADDISON ROAD COMMUNITY CENTRE - WOW FOOD! INNER WEST Challenge number one is food security. According […]

From Chasing Asylum to Building Business

There are currently estimated to be 60 million people displaced from their homes across the globe. That means roughly one in a hundred people are unable to call home, home. The most common reason for displacement is armed conflict, and for many of those they may never be able to go back home. As Australia’s […]

News Briefs

Page turner Sydney’s first “anarchist book fair” will take place at the Addison Road Community Centre in Marrickville on March 22. In addition to bookselling (ironically), attendees will be treated to talks, workshops and a selection of vegan and vegetarian foods. Speakers include academic and investigative journalist Wendy Bacon, who will talk about the anarchist-feminist […]

Coalition abandoning communities: Albanese

The federal government’s commitment to multiculturalism in Australia has been called into question following its decision to scrap the Building Multicultural Communities Program (BMCP) that provides financial support to groups that encourage social cohesion and multiculturalism. The former Labor government delivered $100,000 in grants for community organisations in the inner west through the BMCP following […]