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Abortion in NSW – IT’S TIME.

By WENDY BACON I’m daring to hope that this will be the last NSW election when abortion remains on the Crimes Act in NSW.  Abortion has always been available for those in the know, those with enough money and those who could find out where to go. When I was growing up in the 1950s […]

Clearway for abortion clinics

by ERIKA ECHTERNACH The NSW upper house passed a bill on 24 May to implement 150-metre safe access zones around reproductive health clinics. The safe access zones would protect women seeking an abortion by making interfering with, harassing or recording people entering or exiting a reproductive health clinic without their consent a criminal offence. Violating […]

Unfinished Business: The fight to tackle abortion reform in NSW

BY JORDAN FERMANIS The time has come for abortion reform in New South Wales. For the last century, abortion has been illegal under the Crimes Act 1900 Sections 82-84 carrying a maximum penalty of ten years imprisonment for women having the procedure and the doctors that administer it. Speaking at a public meeting held at […]

Absence of anti-abortionist points to absence of debate

BY JAZ SINGH-BRAR The deportation of US anti-abortion activist Troy Newman last week has drawn criticism from some unlikely places. Two pro-choice campaigners said that the deportation of Mr Newman was superficial, and failed to acknowledge the difficulty many NSW women face in accessing abortion services. The deportation of Mr Newman drew media attention last […]

Protestors rally for abortion legalisation

BY RYAN QUINN Pro-choice campaigners and Greens MPs united on Monday to make it clear that abortion is still a crime in NSW and they no longer want it to be the case. Around 50 people gathered at Martin Place Monday afternoon to mark the September 28 Global Day of Action for Access to Safe […]

Greens push for protest exclusions zones outside NSW abortion clinics

BY KENJI SATO The NSW Greens have put forward a bill for ‘protest exclusion zones’ around abortion clinics. If the bill passes through NSW parliament, it would become illegal for anti-abortion activists to protest outside of the clinics. Greens MP and spokesperson for the Status of Women, Dr Mehreen Faruqi, said that this change was long […]

Zoe’s Law calls into question criminal status of abortion in NSW

The Zoe’s Law bill, which is still poised to go before the upper house, has renewed calls to remove abortion from the NSW Crimes Act. Women and health professionals are currently being criminalised for undergoing and performing abortions, a procedure that polls have consistently shown the majority of Australians support. A national study published in […]

Jenny v. Penny: the battle for Newtown

By Paul Gregoire and Michael Koziol Labor’s Penny Sharpe and the Greens’ Jenny Leong have both identified affordable housing as a priority issue for the seat of Newtown ahead of next year’s state election. Ms Sharpe, a sitting member of the upper house, won Labor’s community preselection at the weekend with 64 per cent of […]

Zoe’s Law gets bumped

A controversial bill to grant foetal personhood, expected to be brought on for debate in this parliamentary session, has been delayed in the upper house and now faces an uncertain future. Zoe’s Law, as it is known, would declare an unborn child to be a separate living person once it exceeds 20 weeks gestation or […]

News in brief

Give us a minute Lord Mayor Clover Moore’s procedural etiquette came into question at Monday night’s council meeting, with two councillors upset at the lack of prior notice for an important mayoral minute. The paper addressed the new laws concerning liquor licensing and the Lord Mayor’s recommendations for the City to consider. “Given this is […]