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Swastika drawn on Aboriginal flag

by ALEC SMART An Aboriginal flag mural in Camperdown Park, in Sydney’s inner west suburb of Newtown, was defaced with a swastika, prompting quick community action to cover the offensive graffiti. On 24 April, DiegoAndres Barberini RothseyRodriguez was walking through the park when he caught sight of the racist graffiti, and took a photo with […]

Locals demand recognition of our first people

BY SATHSARA RADALIYAGODA Sydneysiders have called out the government for whitewashing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A group of campaigners are demanding that the Aboriginal Flag is flown 365 days a year atop the structural icon, alongside the NSW and national Australian flags, which are already permanent fixtures. Cheere Toka heads a petition entitled “Fly the […]