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It was a sullen faced Sonya Kruger who told Channel 7 viewers last week that the Big Brother house had been placed in a COVID-19 lockdown, with all activities suspended. A member of the production crew had apparently tested positive and the plug had been temporarily pulled on one of the network’s top rating show […]

Art Attack – Frayed

Lastly, for those of us looking ahead for something to watch at home ABC has a brand new comedy series coming to screens next Wednesday. Frayed is set in 1988 and follows Simone Burbeck’s (Sarah Kendall) seemingly perfect life. Simone lives in a mansion in London with her perfect husband and children (Frazer Hadfield and […]

Sammy J’s Major Party

You have to be a pretty good comedian to wring more humour out of something that is already a farce - Australian parliament - but Sammy J has managed to do it on a regular basis with better than average success. His popular short skit series on the ABC, imaginatively titled Sammy J, features several […]

Light rail project off the rail

By Allison Hore A report detailing findings from the Public Accountability Committee’s inquiry into the Light Rail project’s impact was released last week, revealing the “profoundly experienced” effects of the project. The parliamentary inquiry was set up in May last year to investigate the impact of the CBD and South East Light Rail project on […]

ARCCO bows to The Bower, for now

By Michael Hitch The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre in Marrickville has reopened its doors after being locked out by the Addison Road Community Centre Organisation (ARCCO) due to an alleged breach of the conditions of its lease. Staff, customers and supporters of The Bower rejoiced on Sunday 2 December after negotiating an agreement with […]


It was billed as a “piece of Australian television history” – a 1970 Silver Logie which recently sold at auction for around $5700. Talk about ye olde cultural cringe - it wasn’t even awarded to a homegrown show. Instead the very plain looking silver plated gong was given to the American TV show The Mod […]

As Australian as ABC!

BY MARIUS WEBB With the Turnbull government once again threatening to starve the ABC of funding it is an opportunity to re-run Marius Webb's article on why the broadcaster is an essential asset for all Australians. Author Bio: Marius Webb worked at ABC Radio, played a pivotal role in the establishment of double j and triple […]


Tune into any evening news bulletin on either commercial TV or the ABC or SBS and you’ll soon realise how the various stations prioritise their news. A major incident like a terrorist attack in London will nearly always be the opening story but on a quiet news day the different stations reveal their true agendas. […]

Birds’ eye view

BY ALEC SMART This is National Bird Week and to coincide with avian awareness the annual Aussie Backyard Bird Count is underway until Sunday 29 October. The aim of the count is to promote awareness of our feathered neighbours, as well as encourage a citizen-scientist method of recording bird numbers. The 2016 bird count involved […]