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THE NAKED CITY: The Grumpy Best – but Mainly Worst Of 2021

Most welcome news of the year: Chris Martin has announced Coldplay will stop writing music as a band in 2025. A few years to wait but the anticipation will excite The Guardian in the UK who once described the group as “music to wet your bed to.” Sorry Coldplay fans! Most arrogant act by a […]

THE NAKED CITY – COFFIN ED PREDICTS (With Apologies To Criswell)

There was once a time when journalists, social commentators, futurologists, psychics and would be soothsayers would trot out a list of predictions for the coming year – some of them painfully predictable and others wildly improbable. Given some of the happenings of the past 12 months it’s little wonder few have been bold enough to […]