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Citizen Writes

This weekend 10 emerging writers from culturally diverse backgrounds will share their works of short fiction in an innovative project which speaks to the power of the community. The writers involved in the Citizen Writes project were selected by an independent judging panel with representatives from the top literary institutions such as Sydney Story Factory, […]

Dead Time

Dead Time explores the story of Dr Mohamed Haneef, an Indian national working at a Gold Coast Hospital, arrested on July 2 2007 on suspicion of being connected to the attack on Glasgow Airport. “The play touches on issues of terrorism and how that’s played out in the public arena, the way it’s represented by […]

Domestic Violence Rhymes With Silence

Bringing an uncomfortable subject out from behind closed doors, Redfern’s 107 Projects presents Rhymes With Silence, a collection of new short plays that grapple with the issue of domestic violence. Produced by Improvising Change - a production company that uses storytelling as a tool for social development - the thirteen plays contemplate interconnected themes of motherhood, […]

Life drawing in the winter crowd

It may be cold outside, but Marrickville is warming things up this winter with a bohemian blend of art, gypsy rhythms and nudity at popular watering hole, Camelot Lounge. On any given Wednesday, an eclectic assembly of up to 40 artists can be found huddled in the downstairs Django Bar for Gypsy Art Club, a […]


The task of raising a child is daunting to any parent, but how do you toe the line between control and creativity with your kid? Emily Calder presents this parental dilemma and more, in her hilarious, surrealist production, Cough. Set in a childcare centre, the play focuses on a group of parents and their children […]


There is a special kind of honesty about Nic Cassey, the singer/songwriter come artist is usually described as enigmatic. This title however, may be a sad reflection on the world we live in. “I’m not very good with words,” he says while describing his work. Cassey then goes into very simple step by step instructions […]


When such obscure objects as spoons, eggs, giant toucans and feathers are transformed into beautifully imaginative metaphors for dark human emotion, you know you’re about to see something interesting. From a masked man covered in metal spoons to a ceiling of floating cardboard birds, blood-stained palms and recurring dark melodies, The Lightbox successfully dismantles theatrical […]


It's heartening to see drama school graduates being creative in business and making innovative jobs for themselves in this tough industry. I'm talking about a new theatre company, Brave New Word, led by Luke Holmes and his AADA cohorts. Holmes' play Body Language is the first for this company and as he explains, there is a […]