The Two Wolves: Community Cantina

At The Two Wolves: Community Cantina, the décor tells a worldly story: the ceiling boasts strings of flags and hanging plants, and the walls are festooned with action shots of volunteers and religious paraphernalia. The purpose here is to sell food and drink to raise money for The Cardoner Project, a Jesuit and Catholic youth network that sends volunteers all over the world to help out communities in need.


Last week I took some time out of my busy weekend to check out the much-lauded ACME. And yes, while the Macaroni, Pig’s Head, Egg Yolk ($18) is undeniably delicious, you might be left wondering: where’s the rest of it?

Food News – Singapore Food Festival

Kicking off tomorrow, the Shangri-La Sydney is running a Singapore Food Festival in honour of Singapore's 50th National Day Celebration on August 9. They’re upping the authenticity by flying in Chef Chia Jue Xian from their Singapore property for the festivities, which run from August 7-16.

The Butler

A flock of sulfur-crested cockatoos screech across the painted sky. As night falls, the city lights come alive and your conversation is likely punctuated with long pauses as you each get lost admiring the view.

Kazbah Souk

With “Make Food Not War” neon leading into the Lebanese street food dugout bar; huge murals of Middle Eastern people in the cocktail bar; and a flight path map centralising the Middle East across the dining room; Kazbah’s Potts Point empire might be just what we need.

Bar Fly: The Record Crate

Booker T and the MGs is flooding the cosy courtyard of The Record Crate, where I’m surrounded by colourful randomness: Astroturf, beer keg tables, Hendrix posters, a hula hoop and a rather baffling chunk of concrete.

Casa Ristorante Italiano

“I’d come here for espresso martinis and the chocolate tart,” declares my dining companion at the end of our meal.

The Bridge Room

From the moment you slide into your stylish but comfortable Autoban chair in this relaxed-looking dining room, it’s evident you’re in for a seamless experience.

Café Paci

It’s nearly crunch time at Sydney’s favourite pop-up, because even those who’ve had the pleasure probably want to book in again before January 2015.


Just when you’re bored out of your mind with modern Mexican and Korean spin-offs, an authentic take on Caribbean bursts onto the Sydney scene. Seated in a beautifully decorated pale blue and white weatherboard setting, decked out with eye-catching wooden string lights casting interesting shadows onto your repurposed wood table, you'll admire photo memorabilia.