Kazbah Souk

With “Make Food Not War” neon leading into the Lebanese street food dugout bar; huge murals of Middle Eastern people in the cocktail bar; and a flight path map centralising the Middle East across the dining room; Kazbah’s Potts Point empire might be just what we need.

More Than Just Bread

In Matthew 4:4 it was said that one cannot survive upon bread alone. After eating the stellar loaves of Sonoma Bakery, Brasserie Bread, Iggy’s, and yes, even the newly relocated Arras Restaurant, I beg to differ. What I will concede is that after countless dinners out with the same (unnamed) dining companion, one also needs to be able to make good dinner conversation. So here’s some art, literature and culture to include in your diet…

My Spring Manifesto

It’s not just the weather that’s hotting up; foodie events are emerging left, right and centre! This week I’m ignoring the new season cookbooks currently piling skyward on my desk in favour of getting out to eat, and (more importantly) drink, and be merry.

Foodies’ Diary: Hot Tix About Town

As well as tempting us with one of the most unusual high tea services in town in the beautiful dockside surrounds of Aki’s; Chef Kumar Mahadevan has generously joined forces with Masterchef finalist Jimmy Seervai for two big nights of Indian hospitality.

Foodies’ Diary: Gastronomic Getaways

Surry Hills residents will be happy to hear that a revamped Cru54 Kitchen and Bar reopens on the 3rd August with personable owner Catherine Andreo as Executive Chef. Catherine explains: “This time around I am assuming an Executive Chef role, and am drawing strongly on the country and the cuisine that has inspired me so much… I want diners to feel as though they’ve been transported to a different place.”

Foodies’ Diary: What’s For Dinner?

If you follow Duncan Garvey and his Springer Spaniel Pickles around the oak and hazelnut trees on Rosewood Trufferie in the Southern Highlands, there’s a good chance that you might find a great addition to any dinner – a truffle!

Foodies’ Diary: Inner West Inspiration

Cold weather brings the temptation to stay close to home. I’ve been busy enjoying the wonderful array of winter vegetables. Nutty Jerusalem artichokes, crisp parsnips, creamy cauliflower purees and caramelised baby Brussels sprouts have all made an appearance on my plate. As Perfection Fresh grower John Cranwell demonstrates, Brussels sprouts grow clustered around stalks that can reach a meter in height, crowned by billowy, loose leaves. I prefer them halved and sautéed with butter, olive oil, bacon, chilli and chestnuts; but a girl can’t live on Brussels sprouts alone, so here is some foodie inspiration that sticks close to home.

Efendy *UPDATED*

After three years winning over Balmain peninsula residents and visitors alike with modern Turkish cuisine, the savvy Somer Sivrioglu is finally making the Turkish food he most wants to eat, and is most proud of.