Uber Thai

Immersed in fragrant Thai basil, my teeth register pleasure at the resistance in long slivers of bamboo, and crunch in tiny green eggplants.

Surry Hills Eating House

Sujet Saenkham, owner of the ever-popular Spice I Am restaurants, has done it again. Just when you were starting to think you understood regional Thai food, he gives you a real taste of Southern Thai (complete with its Chinese, Malay and Indian influences) that leaves most of Sydney’s Thai restaurants for dead.

The Merton Hotel

With “no pokies, and no gambling of any kind,” The Merton Hotel is “very family-oriented,” explains Bar Manager Jake Dylan. He’s handsome, personable, and a wedding singer on weekends (which accounts for the pub’s great playlist).


Triple Ace Bar manage to eschew having their own bistro by sitting directly under Sydney crab institution - Harry's Chilli Singapore Crab – and leasing out their former beer garden to House.


One of the more exciting aspects of restaurants is their ability to transport you to an exotic locale for the course of a meal. At the intersection of decor; service; music; aroma and food, magic can be made.

Noodle Inn

Sometimes you just want to keep it simple without compromising on flavour, and that's where the good folk at Noodle Inn come in. While the restaurant is more like a waiting room, the prices are the cheapest I've seen this side of Bangkok.

Food Events

Looking for a foodie adventure of your own? Here are some food events I think you might enjoy...

Mellow Thai

When I was a kid, every suburb had a Chinese restaurant. These days, Thai seems almost as ubiquitous, but not all suburban Thai restaurants are created equal. This one’s a great bet for inner west locals.

Spice I Am *UPDATED*

Thanks to pioneers like Sujet Saenkham, and predecessor Chat Thai, the bar has definitely been raised on Thai food in Sydney. Consequentially, we’re more used to eating regional Thai cuisine, so it’s less of a surprise. This might be partly why Sujet has morphed the Darlo jewel in his three-restaurant crown into a more casual affair, with lower prices to match.

Chat Thai Westfield Sydney

When the mercury rises, dive into this amazing Thai dessert bar for one of forty-odd sweet fixes (that’s got to be a Sydney record). From a delightfully tart Kensington Pride Mango with Sticky Rice ($8) to a salty-sweet bowl of Black Sticky Rice and Coconut Cream Pudding with Taro and Young Coconut Flesh ($6), there’s a lot to love!