The Restaurant – Art Gallery of NSW

In a building adorned with some of the most striking images in the country, it’s a clever designer that made this restaurant a stark, minimalist space. Floor to ceiling windows let in the only thing that could possibly compete – nature – with a striking aspect overlooking Woolloomooloo and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Southern Exposure

With flights to Melbourne down around the hundred-dollar mark from a variety of airlines, it's the perfect time to pop down for a gastronomic adventure.

Foodies’ Diary: Arty Eats

As the weather cools off completely, Sydney comes alive with festivals guaranteed to tempt you out of hibernation with a range of arty eats…

Argyle Bazar

It’s a delight to see Miguel Maestre return to the modern Spanish tapas that first excited me about his cooking. Take his Grilled Mushrooms ($10) as a case in point.

The Invasion of Europe

Sharing food is a great way of getting to know someone. As you pass the paella across the table, you’re sharing more than just a meal; you’re sharing a bit of yourself and your culture, giving them a taste of who you are.

Foodies’ Diary: Boozy Brekky

I’m starting my boozy brekky column this week with a breakfast that really has made me a convert – Muesli4Me! Not only is it fun to customise your own muesli,

The Fat Food Critic & Matters of Taste

When you’re a fat, 36 year old food critic, and a lime green hoon car pulls level with the window of your little, red Honda Jazz, smiling briefly before staring straight ahead and going about the business of turning the corner quickly, is actually a pretty reasonable response. After all, you might take the girl out of Bankstown, but you can’t take Bankstown out of the girl!


Recently relaunching, with a resolute Catherine Andreo spending more time in her own kitchen, has resulted in a better-realised menu that really confirms Cru54’s spot on Sydney’s Spanish map.

Foodies’ Diary: Gastronomic Getaways

Surry Hills residents will be happy to hear that a revamped Cru54 Kitchen and Bar reopens on the 3rd August with personable owner Catherine Andreo as Executive Chef. Catherine explains: “This time around I am assuming an Executive Chef role, and am drawing strongly on the country and the cuisine that has inspired me so much… I want diners to feel as though they’ve been transported to a different place.”

Chef to Watch – Simon Sandall

There was a twinkle in Simon Sandall’s eye when I mentioned watching Matt Moran carve Moran family spit-roasted lamb for a queue of eager revellers at the Sydney Opera House’s swanky New Year’s Eve party. I’d hazard a guess that getting the boss out on point was his crafty idea.