Food News – Taste of Australia

When a cookbook from one of Australia’s favourite food personalities, Lyndey Milan, landed on my doorstep, I was excited. Lyndey has rolled up her sleeves, donned her gumboots and set out to explore Australia.

Food News – Saffron

Warm milk with saffron and honey has been popping up in my house after meeting with Parya Zaghand from Saffron Only. She’s quite the ambassador for Iranian saffron, telling me the country produces 300 tonnes a year.

Liquor Liking

My long weekend was taken up with liking liquors and films - the 2012 Sydney Film Festival being in full swing. I began with a bit of small bar hopping, finally getting down to Assembly (which is perfectly placed for post-film dissection, tucked away in Regent Place). You simply must imbibe their Last Kiss From Russia…

Dining Dilemmas

I don’t know about you, but I fancy myself as a bit of an ethical shopper. I buy ethical produce; I care about provenance; I shop at Farmers’ Markets; and I even remember my canvas bags every now and then. Why is it then, that the humble co-op is such a sticking point for me?

The Cook’s Bookshelf

This is a companion cookbook to a television series by the same name, but you won’t find yourself sighing and asking whether the celebrity chef realises you’re working in a home kitchen not a restaurant.

Winter + Pork = Good

It’s a simple equation, but it works. Chef Darren Templeman from Restaurant Atelier in Glebe has kindly donated a pork recipe to help warm up these cold winter nights.