Food News – Only Bitters

With speakeasy-style bars upping the craft cocktail ante, it’s likely your home-based concoctions have been lagging behind. Mine certainly were before I fast-tracked my home bartending skills using a swathe of clever products from Only Bitters.

Food News – Aroma Festival

Coffee aficionados swarm The Rocks for the annual Aroma Festival Day, coming up fast on Sunday 26 July this year. In the lead up to the big day of celebrating roasts and brews, you can also check out a range of coffee-centred activities and workshops.

This Week’s Food News – Madame Truffles

What do truffles smell and taste like? Mushrooms, old socks, male pheromones, forest floor, umami and sex were all thrown about during my visit to Madame Truffles.

Food News – Clifford Smith Handmade

Flour, butter, sugar, peanut butter, eggs and salt - the reassuring ingredient list of the Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Biscuits [RRP $10/150g] is something your grandmother would recognise, but my Nanna never made biscuits quite like these!

Food News – Batlow Cider

May was a big month for Batlow Cider. Not only did they host their annual Ciderfest in the small country town of Batlow, nestled in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains, they also launched their mulled cider into Sydney venues. And who doesn’t like mulled cider?

Food News – Olive Oil

In my home, Cobram Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our general all-purpose olive oil, and we usually supplement it with a premium olive oil like Joseph First Run or The Little General for dressings and finishing dishes.

Food News – Mayfield Garden

Mayfield Garden is a grand folly. When the opportunity arose to visit the public-facing segment of billionaire Garrick Hawkins’ Oberon weekender for an Autumnal Harvest Feast, I leapt at the chance.

Dachshund Coffee

Two russet gold Hungarian Vizslas sit like statues, their eyes boring into the café door, through which their owner has just disappeared. When they break ranks to say hello, he pops out to check we like dogs.

Food News – The Gantry

Walsh Bay has just become a bit more interesting with Pier One Hotel Sydney Harbour revitalising their restaurant space into The Gantry Restaurant and Bar.

Lark Hill Winery Restaurant

"My father is now 99 and we were in his biodynamic garden picking for the restaurant this morning," explains winemaker Sue Carpenter. She’s just taken me through arguably the best tasting I’ve had in the Canberra Wine District, and has moved on to selling the restaurant.