Food News – My Farmers Market Table

Farmers’ markets are basically some of my favourite things. When weekend availability permits, I’ll click up the kilometres in order to check out locally grown or produced food offerings from areas including the Canberra district, the Southern Highlands and up north as far as Newcastle and Blackhead.

Food News – Gourmet Cinema

They travel the world just to dine at three Michelin-starred restaurants. They’re part of an elite group of international food bloggers, and they’re hitting the big screen on June 10 in Foodies at Sydney Film Festival 2015.

Dachshund Coffee

Two russet gold Hungarian Vizslas sit like statues, their eyes boring into the café door, through which their owner has just disappeared. When they break ranks to say hello, he pops out to check we like dogs.

Lark Hill Winery Restaurant

"My father is now 99 and we were in his biodynamic garden picking for the restaurant this morning," explains winemaker Sue Carpenter. She’s just taken me through arguably the best tasting I’ve had in the Canberra Wine District, and has moved on to selling the restaurant.

Canberra, Better Than You Think

It’s 6.30am and the first rays of sun are peeking through farm equipment and glistening spiders’ webs. A truckload of Tumbarumba Chardonnay grapes are already being unpacked by winemaker Nick Spencer, and his offsider Hamish Young. Their duelling forklifts perform a skilful ballet of weighing then pouring grapes and free-run grape juice into the destemmer.

Food News – Pana Chocolate

Say the words: Pana Chocolate, and most vegans start grinning. Those in the know say, it’s quite possibly the best vegan chocolate out there, and many list Cinnamon as a firm favourite.

Food News – Coffee

The Rocks Aroma Festival on Sunday July 27th represents the culmination of a month-long program of coffee workshops and tasting events all designed to get you better informed about the beans behind your favourite brew.

Rocketboy Pizza

Dan Luxford is a man “on a mission”: he has a five-year plan to move to his own farm. Keeping him busy in the meantime is taking four of the five Doughboy stores in a new direction - one that will hopefully pave the way.

Food News – Paddington Organic Market

On Saturday 31st May, Paddington Markets is doing a one-off organic food market. Not only will you find certified organic producers, farmers and growers, they’re also dangling a celebrity chef.

Urban Food Market Pop-Up

It’s a pop-up, but it’s permanent, at least for the foreseeable future. Ethical fresh food purveyor, Tim Elwin from Urban Food Market, has taken over a popular Chippendale café on Friday and Saturday evenings. It’s a case of multiple businesses fitting together like pieces in a jigsaw.