Modern European

Majestic Harvest

It’s only their tenth day but Majestic Harvest is already getting slammed by a mix of old school Petersham and those ever-present young renovators. Yet despite some hipster trappings - Edison bulbs, cold drip, food on boards, ‘cold pressed’ Daily Juice ($6.50) and dishes presented in frypans - the food is remarkably honest and free from (much) pretension.

Food News – Belgian Beer

The Rocks has a new watering hole for beer connoisseurs with Sydney hotel group, Gallagher Hotels, relaunching The Heritage Bar and Restaurant as Belgian Beer Café Heritage.

Café Paci

It’s nearly crunch time at Sydney’s favourite pop-up, because even those who’ve had the pleasure probably want to book in again before January 2015.

Heritage Belgian Beer Cafe

What a difference 90 years and 40 storeys makes! This beautiful beer cafe is housed in a restored 1914 St Patrick’s Girls’ School hall, sympathetically integrated with the neighbouring Cove Apartments designed by Harry Seidler and finished in 2004.

Restaurant Arras

I was warned: categorise this restaurant and whatever it is, will vanish in a puff of steaming chai, rather like their steamy yet elegant dessert: Hot Tea, Iced Tea, Aaah Tea featuring rhubarb, cranberry and raspberries. But I’m going to have a crack using Owner/Chef Adam Humphrey’s own words: “We’re very serious about what goes on the plate, but we’re taking the piss.”

Food News

With identification scanning looking likely for neighbouring Kings Cross, it’s little wonder small bar Owl House tried out a prohibition theme last month! I popped in for dinner, and was delighted with my silver teapot bearing an Aviation Cocktail. It’s a devilishly light gin-based concoction that went down a treat against warm salad of quinoa, broad beans, zucchini flowers, Boston Bay mussels surrounded by a foamed mussel sauce.

Avoiding Fowl Play?

Cooking anything other than chook seems to get many home cooks into a flap. I remember my mother’s heart palpitations as the annual battle-turkey grew near. We were smart enough not to even mention duck, let alone goose…

Blancmange *UPDATED*

I slid back into Blancmange with the familiarity of catching up with an old friend; but change has been stirring in the form of a new young-gun chef. Nathan Brindle just twenty-four, but in this instance, take youth to mean forward thinking. His first round of changes include a tempting set of appetisers...

Food Society *UPDATED*

One year on, and I’m back enjoying the convivial hospitality of this restaurant, which spawned from a catering business. Some predicted it was too eclectic to work, but they’ve answered those critics by their very longevity. With a new chef in Ali Bahmad (ex-Aqua Luna), I was glad to see some of my favourites had remained – though he’s tweaked the formerly light and airy Spinach and Bulgarian Feta Burek ($3.80/each) into a dainty cigar served on fruity ancho chilli relish.

Restaurant Atelier *UPDATED*

In light of my recent column about supporting restaurants we want to stay around, I nipped in for another taste of Darren Templeman’s good cooking. It’s pure folly to imagine his three-course Mid Week Special ($70/head) is a pared back affair. It includes all the trimmings from amuse bouche to pre-dessert, so settle in for a luxurious, midweek ride.