Food News – Singapore Food Festival

Kicking off tomorrow, the Shangri-La Sydney is running a Singapore Food Festival in honour of Singapore's 50th National Day Celebration on August 9. They’re upping the authenticity by flying in Chef Chia Jue Xian from their Singapore property for the festivities, which run from August 7-16.


It’s been a big month for this fast-growing Malaysian eatery chain, what with picking up Poh Ling Yeow as ambassador, and launching another store in Northbridge, Perth.

Sugarcane Restaurant

In a hip strip like Reservoir Street, home to Single Origin Roasters, Bang Bang Café, and half the cutting-edge design agencies in Sydney, it pays to stay relevant.

Sedap Malaysian Kopitiam

Part café, part street-side hawker, this new addition to Westfield Eastgardens has loads of street cred. It comes with the new dining precinct, which took over Banks Avenue last year.

Ipoh on York

Don’t dive into this subterranean York Street space looking for fancy décor or a quiet lunch. Instead you’ll find a cool Malaysian drink station serving up sweet milky Teh ($3.50) (tea) and Kopi ($3.50) (coffee). It fronts a lively lunch space with excited chatter reverberating off clean white walls.

Malaysia Truly Australasian

Michelle Dick is a fourth generation Aussie with a Chinese-Malay Mum. She can’t speak Mandarin but has learnt the names of her favourite Asian foods by rote. She’s fond of saying she’s just “fluent in Yum Cha”. Her Mum is from Melaka and is a remarkable cook (I’ve eaten her laksa myself). It inspired me to put Michelle’s tastebuds to the test by sending her out to give us the lowdown on four of Sydney’s Malaysian eateries.


The hipster holiday of choice this year is a staycation. Some may proclaim it’s to protect the planet, but I’ll admit I’m just short on cash. To prevent Pacific pining, I’m distracting myself with a hunt for Sydney’s suburban gems, taking on the suburbs based solely on the tips of talkative taxi drivers.

October Eats

In a month brimming with dining offers, here are my picks:

Baba Laksa, Orange Grove Hotel

In the type of pub you’d usually go to find a blue, there’s a surprisingly nice little bistro. Prejudice well and truly checked, I settled in amongst the families and local Ambos to enjoy the well-priced Malay dishes of Chef Richard Wai.

Lotus Asian Restaurant

If the idea of pan Asian fills you with fear, you’re not alone. I dined here with a little trepidation, but I can now happily assure you that the South East Asian dishes of Chef Danh Cao (ex-Blue Ginger) are, for the most part, bang on the money.