High Tea

Roadhouse Bar & Grill

Lured by the promise of poolside Frozen Margaritas ($15) and High Tea ($45/person) I parked myself under one of the swishing hula-skirt umbrellas for the afternoon. It’s a very modern high tea rendition with the customary cucumber sangers switched out for sliders, Reuben sandwiches and grilled cheese toasties.


Husband and wife team, Leigh and Amanda McDivitt, turn their talents to weekend high tea, nestled inside the rich red womb of their Balmain fine diner. And, despite him being the chef, this time I’m declaring the match in favour of his talented and vivacious Missus.

Food News – Simmone Logue

Popping into Simmone Logue Double Bay for a Devonshire Tea ($12/person) last month reminded me of how useful her freshly made dinner options were, particularly back when I was living alone and time poor. While I was tucking into fluffy golden scones with house-made preserves and cream, most visitors to the store were loading up […]

Globe Bar

The grandfather clock strikes three as I cross the stately wood-panelled room, and sink into a comfy, upholstered chair. It’s luxurious, but in a not-flamboyant way that my own Grandmother probably would have liked. I think she’d also have enjoyed taking her tea from Langham Rose, the hotel’s own custom-made Wedgwood china.

Shangri-La Lobby Lounge

With high teas popping up all over Sydney, it sure makes choosing hard! If I were to categorise this one, it has been made with particular view towards those who enjoy Dilmah Tea. Whilst the two family-owned businesses have united across all levels of the hotel, the High Tea ($42/head) is particularly special because it includes teas you won’t find elsewhere.


Proving that themes don’t have to be tacky, an Addams Family High Tea ($59/head) at the newly refurbished Soirée was quite an adventure. Even before entering the refitted 60s style lounge bar through (temporary) wrought iron gates, I marvelled to see black roses in poison bottles adorning tables in the stylish lobby.

Food News

A spooky Addams Family High Tea ($59/head with 1 cocktail) is on the cards for me in the near future. It can be part of your day too, if you visit the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth between 2pm and 5pm before the 30th April. In the name of being Sydney’s ‘Hotel for the Arts’ they’ve turned their glam lobby bar Soirée gothic with tombstones, coffins and rather grand gates! Predictably despite the promise of chocolate tombstones and brownie graves, I’m most excited by their lethal cocktails – Morticia’s Martini and Pugsley’s Poison.

Food News

Just before the end of 2012 I had the opportunity to dine on a degustation of dishes (including this remarkable red fruit sphere) from international star chef, Heinz Beck. With a swathe of cookbooks and accolades, including three Michelin stars at his Rome restaurant La Pergola, he’s a pretty big deal whichever way you look at it. Beck’s interest seemed to be captured by re-imagining Italian food to remove any sticking points. Take carbonara: on a hot day this dish is simply too heavy, however Beck’s carbonara fagottelli managed to combine all the flavour elements into ephemeral pasta with an explosive, lemony liquid centre you could enjoy any time – superb!

Food News

Last week the cream of the music industry gathered at the Beach Road Hotel for the 2013 Rolling Stone Music Awards. The awards were sponsored by Patrón Tequila which ensured the crowd were dazzled with an abundance of killer drinks, from the opening Patrón Perfect Margarita presented in a jam jar, to the buzzy Xpresso Martini made on Patrón Café XO coffee liqueur. As Owl Eyes took to the stage, the crowd was treated to cucumber foam-topped shot glasses of Bloody Maria Cabillitos. With Bondi Ink also in residence, one guest took home a (free) tattoo of the Patrón Tequila bee. Here’s hoping it wasn’t a big surprise in the morning…

The Tea Room Gunners’ Barracks *UPDATED*

With the weather practically screaming picnic, I thought it high time I returned to this wonderfully outdoorsy venue. As luck would have it though, the day I picked turned out to be rainy, so I appreciated their recently renovated (and insulated) retractable verandah roof.