Zeus Street Greek

Hellenic street food in a sleek modern restaurant, that’s the premise of Zeus, the second joint in the Sydney empire. Like their god, the food is lightning fast, and there seems to be a staff member for every guest on this busy Sunday.

Food News – Nissos Craft Beer

After meeting personable founder of Nissos Craft Beer, Alexandros Kouris, I was keen to give his beer a whirl. What I found was a lovely, clean and refreshing pilsner, with enough flavour not to be boring.

Alpha Restaurant

During his recent visit to Australia promoting Nissos Beer, founder Alexandros Kouris, told me Alpha Restaurant produced the best Greek food he had in Sydney. Sliding into the stately restaurant, that simultaneously summons monumental history and lazy days by the seashore, I start to see why.

All Good Things Eatery

As well as delivering a bonzer brekky, Kingsgrove’s hippest café is open for dinner, every Thursday to Saturday night. Plan your meal around the sweets.

All Good Things Eatery

If Devon and Cornersmith had a love child, this is what it would look like. Between their chosen font, the distressed furniture – down to a wooden ladder leaning against the wall housing pepper shakers - and old-fashioned light switches linked to caged Edison bulbs, nearly all the hipster clichés are covered.

Bar Fly: The Cubby House

A 75ml pour in a $15 cocktail is generous. Perhaps this makes the Cubby House cocktails the best value in the area.

Food News – Fresh Fodder

Dips sure have come a long way since my Mother used to greet guests with a jar of corn relish stirred through a carton of sour cream. Fresh Fodder, coming out of Orange in Central NSW, recently sent me a hamper, convinced it’d change my mind about Taramosalata [RRP $4.50/200g].


The Eastern has grown up: El Topo, Chimmi’s and The Publican offer relaxed dining and drinks, while Anatoli is sophisticated, with elegant Greek food in a fine dining setting. As the middle child, it’s a little neglected, but it could have been the rain - Greek food is great for cold nights!

The Animal

Snaffling a table on the coveted balcony, I take in the streetscape that’s inspired fan pages like My Love Affair With Newtown. Truth be told, I’ve got my own slew of memories in this venue, but the new Keith Richards Coconut Incident ($18) melds with them nicely. (Blue drinks slugged from bottles never tasted this fine when I was a teenager.)

Xanthi Restaurant & Bar

Taking up from where cheap night at the movies left off, Tuesdays now means The Chefs Club for Westfield Sydney. Most of the Level Six restaurants have tempting menu boards, but I only have eyes for Xanthi. I’m blaming you.