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Chef’s Armoury has been making waves in Rosebery for some time now with their elegant, handcrafted Japanese knives. They’ve recently branched out into sake, and if you’re wondering what the connection between these gleaming Japanese blades and sake is, it’s a regional one.

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Last week alongside a couple of hundred chefs and restaurateurs, I headed down to Salt Meat Cheese in Alexandria. We were there for the launch of Sydney’s latest entry in the restaurant guide scene: the 2014 Gault & Millau Sydney Restaurant Guide [RRP $24.99].

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After having a long conversation this morning about cold drip coffee with my barista, Simon Dardick at Devon Café, I should probably accept I’ve taken coffee to the next level. I’m regularly using words like terroir, and have established a set of roasters I’m partial to - Proud Mary, Golden Cobra, Little Marionette and in recent months Marrickville’s Coffee Alchemy.

Food News

With the onset of winter, it’s nice to see Marrickville Council endorse local cafes to use the Suspended Coffee scheme. It allows those in need to rock up to a participating café and receive a free cup of coffee, paid for by those who can afford an extra cup. If you’re looking for the perfect coffee, there’s (another) new guide out called The Australian Coffee Book [RRP $8].

Food News

If you work down near the harbour, The Morrison now serves breakfast every weekday between 7.30am and 11am. Alongside childhood favourites like eggs and soldiers, they’re also dishing up some heartier stuff like gypsy eggs (baked eggs with chorizo, and spicy tomato and bean casserole).

Food News

Last week I headed to A Taste Of at the InterContinental Sydney. It was the launch event for a series of dinners that are set to celebrate the hotel’s relationship with some key Australian producers. The first producer they’ll be featuring is Sydney’s (undisputed) king of butter, Pepe Saya, in a dinner called A Taste of Artisan Butter with Pepe Saya. Up until the 17th March you can partake of canapés and four courses made by Executive Sous Chef Julien Pouteau with Pepe’s hand-churned butter as the core ingredient. Julien also has a history with butter: “Growing up in Brittany in France, I was raised on butter.”

Meet the Young Waiter of the Year: James Audas

Late last month, I headed to the 2012 Electrolux Appetite for Excellence Awards. The evening was a chance for food media and the culinary elite, to get up close and personal with the future stars of the restaurant industry. We were lucky enough to do it in the luxurious surrounds of Luke Mangan's Glass Brasserie. […]

A Weekend in Wine Country

With the fast pace of work, sometimes it’s not possible to get away for a decent holiday. Lately I’ve had to suffice with a weekend in wine country. Luckily NSW has a whole lot to offer in this regard…

Foodies’ Diary: Mayday!

Mayday! Mayday! My partner is seriously considering having a Man Vs. Food moment at Essen Restaurant this month, during their Schnitzilla Challenge…

The Cook’s Bookshelf

Far from just a food guide to backstreet Melbourne, this beautiful coffee table book is the perfect inspiration for an adventure into the food, booze, street art and architecture reached only by foot. After you spend a night delving into these pages, you’ll book tickets to Melbourne in the morning.