Food News – Late Nights

With the Baird Government being granted another term in NSW, you might have given up all hope of the lockout laws ever being rescinded; especially as you watch Kings Cross rapidly morphed from being our entertainment district into a ‘sought after’ residential address using high-rise developments.

Customs House Bar

The post-work white-collar crowd is quaffing pints and cocktails amid wine barrels and wooden tables. The gathering is generic, but the beverages are not.

Three Williams

Walking into this unassuming space on the fringes of Redfern is like stepping into a bank or church. Sparse, with wooden furniture, brick walls and a post-apocalyptic tree branch above the counter.

Bowery Lane

With Brooklyn-style dive bars down every second laneway, it’s refreshing to see a bit of New York City class find its way back into Sydney.

Ribs & Burgers

Few things can encourage a diner to messy excess more than a prominently featured hand-washing station, and, at Bondi’s Ribs and Burgers, it holds pride of place.

Daisy’s Milkbar

The Beach Boys on the speakers, pin-up girls taking orders, a cordial station, jars of sweets and gingham curtains… If this place was any cuter I could be sick.

The Clock

While I’m deep into my winter of whisky, I’m also partial to a good gin and tonic.

GoodTime Diner

Describing itself as having the ‘gritty underground bar scene of Old New Orleans’, The Eastern’s newest diner is lacking a little in the good time feel department. It still looks very much like the ill-fated Greek restaurant (Anatoli) whose space it took over.

Skyline Drive-In Diner

Collect a carload for a retro-style dinner and movie ($10/head) at the recently remodelled Blacktown Skyline Drive-In.

Botany View Hotel

The front bar of Newtown’s Botany View Hotel felt a bit like a scene from Cheers. For the locals, it’s clearly a place where everybody knows your name. Drink specials abound: from ten-buck Aperol Spritzes “all day every day”, to twelve-buck jugs of mainstream beers, or a bottled selection of craftier options.