The Montpellier Public House

Just when you start to think the English can’t teach us anything about food, Matt Kemp comes along to remind us that they can. His beautifully executed Wild Boar Pork Pie ($10) is encased in a hot water crust pastry so fine, you’ll dangle from your oversized bar stool to scrape up every last morsel against tart, house-made piccalilli.

Smash Sausage Kitchen

Modern sausages bear little resemblance to the lumps of fat, sawdust and gristle cremated on suburban barbeques as I was raised. So these days I think nothing of buying them from my local hero, and industry stalwart of thirty-two years, AC Butchery.

Al Fresco Is Back!

No, not Tony Fresco’s Dad, outdoor dining! All over Sydney, restaurants are cleaning up their balconies and dusting off their outdoor chairs. Mind you not many look quite as nice as this little Sydney vantage point over the bridge at Aqua Dining! Architect Sidney Koh enjoyed the opportunity to work with an unrivalled view of the harbour, creating a space where guests “descend into a space which ignites their senses visually, before they have even had a chance to glance at a menu.” More spots like this please!