Food News – Bake Kobo

A new Japanese bakery has opened up in Enmore called Bake Kobo; however you’re forgiven if bread isn’t something you immediately associate with Japanese culture. “I heard it happened – the flour-culture – after the war,” says owner Kunihisa Sato, “Americans wanted to sell their products.”

Kazbah Souk

With “Make Food Not War” neon leading into the Lebanese street food dugout bar; huge murals of Middle Eastern people in the cocktail bar; and a flight path map centralising the Middle East across the dining room; Kazbah’s Potts Point empire might be just what we need.

Luxe Woollahra

Located in Queens Court, or as it appears to be, downtown Provence, the pink stone walls, al fresco dining and designer shops surrounding the café make you feel far from Sydney.


Bagels may have started the ‘Jewish food' craze but Shuk (meaning marketplace in Hebrew) is where you’ll find a genuine melting pot of traditional and modern Israeli flavours, with some Mediterranean touches thrown in for good measure.

Belmore Lebanese Bakery

Ten minutes from my Inner West stomping ground, Burwood Road, Belmore offers up a multicultural melange of cuisines including Korean, Chinese and at least five multicultural bakeries.

Food News – Snack Food

While most of my time is spent in restaurants, everyone snacks sometimes. This week I’ve been getting into Duck Creek Farm Macadamias, grown and hand-packaged in the beautiful Byron hinterland.

Oregano Bakery

When vivacious owner Sonia Jabbour met me at a party, she declared that she sold the best cinnamon scrolls in Sydney! Cue me: in Hurstville, the very next Saturday, there to test her claim. Her husband, Tony Jabbour is the baker.

Food News

Looking like it has more in common with a trendy nightclub than an over-lit supermarket, Mercato e Cucina, is bringing a new style of fresh produce shopping to the good folk of Gladesville. And with parking underneath the 1200 square meter premises, Inner West residents may just love it too…


While the new Délisse flagship store isn’t breaking revolutionary ground, what with global chains like Délifrance being in operation for twenty-five years, it does have a demonstrable commitment to excellence that’s already winning fans.

Food News

With bagels the new black in Sydney, my Eastern Suburbs dining expert Alex Harmon and I are at odds. While she’s a fan of Brooklyn Hide, I rate the original Darlo Laundry pop-up Brooklyn Boy Bagels better at boiled and baked breads.