A word from the Editor & Deputy Editor... In this age of apps and iPads, the pleasure of pouring over inky pages and fiercely circling some unexpected titbit has almost been lost to us. Almost. Welcome to this year’s AMG ‘Best of Sydney’ edition  – our humbly tactile, hold-able and foldable guide to all that […]

Best Museum

AUSTRALIAN MUSUEM If you like to get your nerd on in every possible knowledge pocket then the Australian Museum is your hangout. Here you can plunder the depths of a treasure trove of science, culture, anthropology, animal facts and more in a manner that makes Google seem primitive. Where else can you see a sublime […]

Best Weekend Markets

GLEBE MARKETS Ask any enthusiast of open-air markets, and they’ll agree; the atmosphere is half the fun. That’s why Glebe Markets has attracted a loyal and diverse crowd for years. More than just a vintage lover’s paradise, the markets draw shoppers seeking emerging designer finds, rare books and records, unique jewellery, and of course, the […]

Best Urban Walk

BONDI TO BRONTE COASTAL WALK The cliffs along the beaches between Bondi and Bronte and all the way down to Maroubra (if you’re so inclined) provide some truly spectacular views of our urban coastline. While some might need an annual event like Sculpture by the Sea (October-November) to get them walking the trail, others make […]

Best Tourist Attraction

TARONGA ZOO Its worldwide preservation projects make Taronga Zoo one of the more actively conservation-focused zoos in the world. Along with a huge assortment of species to see and learn about (you need a full day to check out everything), the ferry ride and views of the city and Sydney Harbour alone justify the admission […]

Sydney’s Best Place to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

BUNNINGS WAREHOUSE, MASCOT If Hollywood is to be believed, the zombie apocalypse is closer than we think and we all need a plan for when that day comes. Sure we can stock up on canned food and shotgun shells, but where are we going to call home? Bunnings Warehouse in Mascot is the answer. Thick […]

Best Place to Learn to Ride a Bike

Sydney Park Bicycle Track Removing those totally uncool stabilisers from your first bicycle surely counts as one of the first steps on the road to freedom and independence. Thanks to a miniaturised road network complete with traffic lights, busy intersections, warning signs and pedestrian crossings, the Oompa-Loopa-sized Sydney Park Bicycle Track is ideal for those […]

Best Island Destination

KING FISHER BAY RESORT If you’re after the best way to escape Sydney, try Kingfisher Bay Resort on picturesque Fraser Island near the Great Barrier Reef. If your idea of a holiday is relaxing in the sun and floating aimlessly through crystal clear water, this is the place for you. If adventure is more your […]

Best Out of Town Holiday

ORANGE, NSW Foodies flock to Orange like flies to a particular fragrant wedge of Brie. Located 280 km west of Sydney, the fertile and highly productive lands surrounding this regional centre are the reason. Beef, lamb, fruit and – I suspect this is crucial – wine are all sourced from the region and are showcased […]

Best Out of Town Experience

BLUE MOUNTAINS Family holidaymakers, commune enthusiasts, artists, retirees: the Blue Mountains attracts all kinds of folk, with good reason. The appeal lies not only in its crisp, clean air, awe-inspiring outlooks and nature walks, but in the wealth of experiences it caters for. While Scenic World offers a particularly adrenaline-pumping view of the Three Sisters […]